Revolting Rhymes - Hansel & Gretel

Posted by Carlos on December 3, 2010 at 12:13 PM

Revolting Rhymes,

Hansel and Gretel.

By; Michiel, Auke, Priscilla, Bas, Iris, Singha, Remi.

Hansel went to pick up Gretel

on his daddy's Vespa.

He had taken, witouth permission.

But Hansel here, was on a mission.

Driving at 250 miles an hour,

The milk was fresh, not sour.

He was going to chop some wood.

But oh no, he lost his hat in the wrong neigboorhood.

Arriving at her haunted mansion,

The ghosts made sure to get all the attention.

Ringing Gretel's bell,

She appeared and looked like hell.

Traveling to the forest,

they came across a troll named borest.

“I live in the forest.

My name is Borest”

He told them.

When arriving on the spot,

Hansel went to grab his axe,

Gretel was looking hot.

Then he heard a shot,

oh no, he forgot.

The troll, named Borest,

was taking over the Forest.

Hansel screamed “ VERVÉ! You dirty troll!

Get back to your ugly hole!”

The Troll obeyed the order,

and went away, without bother.

Then Hansel saw his brother,

he too had encountered Borest.

Just barely surviving in the big black forest.

He showed them a little house,

made of candy, nibbled at by a mouse.

There was Sandy! The evil witch.

She was acting like a total *Bitch!

Lashing out,

they were taken about.

Locked up in a little cage,

the witch screamed in rage!

Hansel took out his blackberry phone,

and tried to call home.

But there was no one to recieve his call,

so he just threw his phone at the wall.

Smelling pizza, they turned to the witch.

She was heating oven, the smell was rich.

She took Hansel by the arm,

and he yelped in alarm.

“ No take Gretel, she has more fat!

Like ooofatiefatieboomboom.”

But the witch's mind had already been set.

Struggling in his last attempt,

Hansel thrust his finger right up her nose,

eeww that was gross!

Screaming in shock,

she ripped a hole in her sock.

Hansel ran as fast as he could,

and escaped to the nearest neighboorhood.

Seeing his hat, he smiled.

There it was, that little pest.

Now he could go home and take a rest.

Gretel cried as she was left alone,

the witch hit her with a stone.

“ Shut up you fat girl,”

But there was Ash Katchem with his Squirtle.

He squirted,

right in Gretel's face.

Just to put that irritating girl in her place.

She was about to be cooked,

when Borest came and looked.

He saw the girl with the dirty face,

decided to rescue her,

and set the house ablaze.

The witch died,

not even Ash cried.

Gretel was taken home,

where she called Hansel on the phone.

She told him about Borest,

who had rescued her out of the forest.

He smiled and they sang;

“ ooh, ooh, Borest.

Ooh ooh, Forest.”

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Reply Snorhoofd
9:01 AM on April 5, 2011 
Super cool! Poor ash. Carlos do you want to do some dodo and apple? DIV is so boring so let's go do SM!
Reply Carlos
9:03 AM on April 5, 2011 
I like

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