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Posted by Carlos on June 19, 2009 at 8:46 AM

            Dear Tommy,

Its beena  year ago when I last saw you, so I amgoing to tell you about the last holiday I went to Spain (again) with my brother andparents. Enjoy the story.


Thursday the first day J

It was early in the morning when or private airplane landed oneEspanolacraticovaxenta airport, we must walked for about 4,8 hours to thehotel. When we almost arrived at the hotel I remembered I forget my pink Fluffybag, with my dog in it on Espanolacraticovaxenta airport. Shit I said and we(the whole family ) walked back to Espanolacraticovaxenta airport. When we arefinally on Espanolacraticovaxenta airport my bag wasn’t  there, the airport chef has already sended mybag to the hotel. So whe all walked back (again) to the hotel. And on 11:30 pm wefinally checked in.



Friday morning we all slept very well in the fluffy fishy beds. It was late inthe morning, and we are all hungry so we decided to call the room service. Weall wanted the big Chicken menu with fries tomato sauce chicken wings servedwith fried eggs in candy sauce.


Afternoon we decided to go canyoning at the black bob bob river. There was aIndian with red hair who explain the rules of canyoning. We must sit very stillin the boat. We have to float to the end of the river and stop the boat thereby the waving Indian with blond hair. But there was a secret he didn’t tell us.There were 10 crocodiles and 20 sea cows in the river. So we avoid them, afterall it was a great day. On 8 pm we were invited to the Belgium party in or hotel. Now comes the bignews, I was walking to the hall to get some fries. When suddenly a big Grouppeople are walking into the hotel. It was Sean Paul and he started to dance. I alsomet my school friend Priscilla she likes Sean paul to, she hates Carlos. Thebig black guys where Sean Paul’s bodyguards, everyone was looking and startedto dance to. Its been a very long night with cocktails and R&B music. Andwe were all very accosted, so we all said to each other lets go bungee jumpingfrom the cliff tomorrow.



The next day on 10 am we all waited for the jump, Sean paul went first becausehe wasn’t afraid. We all follow him, it was so boring. A guy named: chipipalmost broke his both legs because he jumps without a rope. After we all jumpedof the cliff we went to the Belgenijs, a very weird name don’t you think. Butsuddenly it started to rain, we all started to cry because we couldn’t  go swimming in the sea. But Sean paul has anidea lets go play Happy Family he said. Yeeeeeeeee we all joined  him. You have to collect 4 cards from the samecategory. The one with the most sets wins. You played this game to last year,right?  I won the game and I cheated alittle bit, but its all right. That evening we all dressed up in or prettiestclothes, because the famous shiny schnitzels had arrived fromGermany.(Priscilla went to the Saint Tropez granny group but they are boring)Weall ordered an Martini with lemon. And enjoyed the performance of the Shinyschnitzels


 the dance group shiny schnitzels from Germany, the main act on Saturday evening.



Sunday I spend some time alonewith the family, we called it BIG HAPPY FAMILLY DAY. But Priscilla was there toand joined us. First we went to Mukluk Land,the best fun park I’ve ever seen in my whole life. The entrance was veryexpensive 2 euro and 50 cent. First we went to the klukmuk spinning wheel, andwe eat some mukklukkluk meatballs in de Klukkluk bar. They taste so good.


Then Priscilla and my family separated. We are going or one way. First we werehungry again, so we eated muklukukukukuk fries in the muklupup restaurant. Andwe drink some Muklukkukpuk cocktails. We wanted some action so we went to themukkluklukluk Rollercoaster with the whole family, my dad was a little bitscary because the rails was broke, and a few dudes before us were dead becausethe felled out of the car. The dore wasn’t closed. After the ride we were allvery tired so we decided to do something more quiet, so we went to the JuniorMuklupkluk mirror palace. I walked to the same mirror 500 times, and we werelost and couldn’t find the exit for about 10 hours. It was dark when we finallyfound the exit, but we couldn’t  go homebecause the park was closed. So we sleep under the lukmukkuk bench. The alarmwent off 60 times, but it doesn’t matter. Because the family was together, andthe police couldn’t find us.



We wake up in Mukluk land, the park was already open so we went to someattractions for free because we slept there. But we wanted to go home the benchwasn’t so comfortable, we called a cap. My brother was playing Ping Pong in thecar, and my mother started to tell about or last vacations. (When you were hereto) we did so many activities scuba diving, kloepoe running,  kangaroo shooting, and last but not leastthrowing eggs at little children. Suddenly we waked up of the all the beautifulflashbacks, it looks like we were really there and played it all again. Thetaxi driver said we were at the hotel, finally I screamed. And we all run crazycircles around the hotel 2 hours long. This days are going so fast my mom said,she was a little bit tired. So was I, but granny always says: running is goodfor you it keeps you healthy. And we are so hungry, we looked at each otteronce and ran as fast as we could to the waikikibliki restaurant. We all orderedthe same menu: Belgium frieswith Bitter balls and the new Harry potter action doll. But we forget we musteat because the doll makes animal sounds when you push on the back. And Tobythat fat little child with red hair and the biggest laugh I’ve ever saw, hasstolen or dinner before we even noticed. He ran away very quickly my dadscreamed that evil child! And I ran away to his room after him, because Iwanted or dinner back. I broke the Dore open with my Harry potter action doll,and throw it to his little tiny head. He screamed MOM MOM, it didn’t work Idropped his mother yesterday expediently throughthe window when I was looking for the toilet paper. So I packed or food in mybag, and yelled at him very very loud. I was the hero that day everyone bowsfore me that day, and kissed my feet.


When I was eating my breakfast that morning (apple’swith some fried fish) the phone rings. It was Sean Paul he has to leave andwanted to say that it was a great, great, kinky holiday, and he always rememberus. He said he kidnapped the father of the tiny Toby red hair child who hasstole or dinner, he did it because he was or friend he said. We always arefriends forever I said, I go to you’re little villa in the Ghetto sometimes Iscreamed. Don’t go no no no no. And we all started crying, my family hisbodyguards. It was the unhappiest day of my entire life.


6 hours later….


Suddenly my last words to him on the phone were: never go to the doctor hekills you. And I hang up, oh oh it was so quiet and sober. My mom said we mostwalked home right now because or plane was broke, and otherwise I miss 3 weeksschool.


I think that was all, 5 weeks later we were finally home and we are dancing thewhole night long, celebrating that we found or house. But suddenly my brotherfinds out that we were in the wrong house. So we ran to the other side of thecountry with the whole family. 3 weeks later we were finally home (mom didn’tclose the dore so the steal everything except the rotting bananas) But itdoesn’t matter. As long as our family is with us, we were all very happy.


Oh how was you’re holiday?? Mail it to me.


The shizzle, Dymfy J


P.S. Sean Paul is still my friend




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