Priscilla's Letter

Posted by Carlos on June 19, 2009 at 8:46 AM

Dear Tommy,

I ate a sandwichtoday. It was good! I enjoyed it.

But, it was not as good as the sandwiches I ate during

my holidays. I went to Espanola and I did a lot of crazy

stuff back there!

I went bungee jumping with my friends, one of them got

badly injured though. His rope snapped, and he fell

face first into the cliff. He broke his nose, and he

cried a lot because he was in pain.

But I brought him a flower, and he was much better after that.

One of my friends got jealous! Because the hospital food was better than the hotel food.

I disagreed, because I liked the sandwiches a lot!

So I told him to go home.

After that we went scuba diving.

With whales!

We fed them German bratwurst, and they thanked us by giving us goodbye kisses.Sean Paul was there too, he was recording his new video clip. It?s aboutwhales! He went dancing on their backs!

He fell off one time, and broke his leg.

Luckily Carlos Mendoza was there! There to rescue him, and drag him back on theboat.

We fed him chopsticks, hoping they would reach his legs and cure them!

Sean Paul was very scared though, and he wanted his

pet, mister Fluffuxazaltibrar. But mister Fluffuxazal-

tibrar was still in Colombia, in Sean?s house.

So we told him that we were sorry, because we could

not bring him mister Fluffuxazaltibrar. Sean Paul

cried, mister Fluffuxazaltibrar was the only thing that

could heal him. We felt sorry for him.

So we left him, to give him some alone time and let

him think about mister Fluffuxazaltibrar.

I found this interesting info about Carlos on my Mac computer, Which I won by winning a game of basketball in Spain.

Carlos is voiced by Joe Camareno

I told the info to Sean, when I was Calling him on the phone. He was still onthe boat, trying to heal his broken leg on his own.

He asked us for some food and water, but we told him it?d be better if we?djust leave him in peace. So I hung up and went to play hockey with my friends.

We saw Dymfy there, wearing a t-shirt she bought at Espanolacraticovaxenta. Shetold us that at Espanolacraticovaxenta they took great care of her dog and her pink fluffy bag. She forgot them at her first day, when she arrived at Espanolacraticovaxenta.

Later on, she joined us, and an obese cowboy came to tell us that we had beeninvited to a Belgium party!

So we went there, to go and dance all night long!

We Met Sean Paul there, he was very skinny, and his

leg looked really bad. But he was so happy he

escaped from the boat, that he just had to go and


Dymfy was flirting with Carlos, but Carlos was my

bitch! So we had to battle!

We both did our best moves, and Carlos was very impressed!

Sean Paul was jealous, because he could not shake his booty like us.

I won, and Carlos wanted to dance with me. Dymfy was jealous, and went dancingwith Sean, even though she?d rather have Carlos to dance with.

We were exhausted, and it would seem like a great idea to go bungee jumpingfrom the cliff again tomorrow.

Dymfy and her friends joined and we had a great time!

Sean Paul went first, and chipip almost broke his legs because he went jumping without a rope.

After that we went to the Belgenijs, what a funny name!

we met a girl called Naomi, she said ? hello, Ai spiek Belgisch oonlie.? We hadno idea what she meant, so we ignored her and left.

But All of the sudden it started to rain! We cried, because we wanted to go swimming, Sean Paul came with a great idea though!

We went home, and played happy family.

Carlos never played it before, so we explained the rules.

the aim of the game is to collect 4 cards of the same type. The one with themost sets wins.

Dymfy won the game, and we all cried. Chipip committed suicide,

because he wanted to win so badly!

Dymfy went to the Shiny Schnitzels,

but me and Carlos went to the Saint

Tropez granny group, who performed old

school Egyptian hip hop.

I?m so glad I did not go to the Shiny

Schnitzels, they are amateurs! They


After the performance we were invited

onto the stage.

This was fun! We got to dance, and groove and shaky our booty?s!

After that we left, we went to the burger king and ate some burgers.

I left a present there, I hung a big poster upon the toilet mirror. It Said?McDonalds Owns!?

it?s because McDonalds is way better then the Burger King.

The next day I went to Mukluk land!

There I saw Dymfy and her family, and I joined. It was so much fun!

I puked all the time, because the foodwas bad. I ate at the Klukluk bar, and I had some Mukklukkluk meatballs, theywere disgusting!

they tasted like Rudy Smetsers hair!

After that, me and Dymfy and her family separated.

I was on my own, and I was excited to try all the fun attractions!

I first went into wheel of mukluksluk! It spun round and round!

Then I went to the Klukmuk sand machine! It covered my body with sand. It wasitchy but I liked it.

Then I went into the smuklukduk roller coaster! It didn?t go fast, but it wasvery fun, because the guy in front of me had an heart attack.

I liked the smuklukklukdukluksluk wheelchairs the most.

2 people died because they were hit by a truck, the chauffeur had eaten toomuch muklukluk burgers, they contain 90% alchohol. Small children like them though.

I was bored, because I was all alone. But then I saw Theo Van Santvoort! He waswalking around in his underwear, it had little red hearts on it. It kind ofgrossed me out, so I tried to avoid him.

Then, late at night, I left. It was a 8.3 hour walk back to my hotel, but Ididn?t really care, because I found a dead animal on my way back, and it heldme company. I carried it over my shoulder, its head banging against my backpeacefully.

When I arrived at the hotel I was really tired. So I quickly went to bed andhad some rest.

I dreamed about Mukluk land, and the fun attractions. And I dreamed about you,you scared me though, you were really fat.

You ate my dead animal, and I cried.

The next day I thought about my last vacation, I went to Vietnam, to go seedead bodies that had been preserved through ages.

I got banned from Vietnam though, I ate the dead bodies because I forgot my lunchpack.

I don't regret it, the dead bodies tasted great! I looked at the dead animalbeside me in the bed, it looked tasty!

I had an idea.

That afternoon I grabbed the decaying piece of flesh and searched for somenative Americans, or Indians.

I went searching for some good Indians to share my food with, and after a longwalk I encountered a red-head Indian and a blonde one.

They were happy to see me, and eyed my good piece of meat. They told me theycould prepare it for me, so we could have a delicious meal!

I was so glad to hear that, so I agreed immediately!

We roasted the animal nicely, and we enjoyed the meal.

I missed the sandwiches from the hotel though.

So I told the Indians I had to go back, they brought me with a canoe. My momand dad were already waiting for me to come back, and we all ate our lastsandwich and went home.


I'm really looking forward to this summer, when I will go to Spain again!

it will be so much fun, and I hope Sean Paul will forgive Carlos for forgettinghim at the airport. I don?t know where Sean is right now, but he?s probablystill in Spain, waiting for Carlos to pick him up.

I hope to hear back from you soon,

Sincerely Priscilla.

P.s; Chipips funeral was great! It was like a party!


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Reply Kees Korst
2:05 PM on June 19, 2009 
Heel leuk hoor =\
Waar gaat het over?
Reply Killick
7:52 PM on April 6, 2011 
I think my brain just popped. O_o
Reply Carlos
3:58 PM on April 7, 2011 
Best school assignment EVER.
Reply Killick
5:09 PM on April 7, 2011 
How in the world is that a school assignment?

Also, your grammar was atrocious then. D:
Reply Carlos
6:32 PM on April 7, 2011 
We were supposed to write a short letter about how we spent our holidays...

Hey! My grammar was great TYVM.
I just gained smartz.

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